Dental Sealants

Helping your family avoid cavities.
Simple Prevention

Brush with freedom thanks to dental sealants.

A close up image of a teenager showing her white teeth
A close up image of a teenager showing her white teeth

Our goal is for our patients to require the least amount of dental treatment possible. Children who enter adulthood with the fewest restored teeth generally have the lowest risk of future problems.

Sealants can dramatically reduce the number of cavities a child might develop throughout their childhood. On the chewing surface of molars, deep grooves run into the center of the teeth. 

Under a microscope, these crevices might look like a deep canyon wide enough for bacteria to hide. It’s easy to see how cavities can form in such a perfect hideout.

If the grooves in permanent molars are sealed at a young age, the risk of decay decreases dramatically.

How It Works

At our Renton office, Dr. Caldwell can perform this procedure quickly and without any discomfort or anesthetic.

A male patient lying in a dental chair during sealant procedure

Here is how Dr. Caldwell provides dental sealants:

  1. Your tooth or teeth are washed, dried, and isolated with either cotton rolls or a rubber dam.
  2. The teeth are then etched with a special gel that roughens the teeth, so the sealant material has a rough surface to adhere.
  3. Once that is rinsed off, the sealant material flows into the teeth’ grooves and is light-cured.
  4. Dr. Caldwell will then check for rough edges and make sure floss can pass between the teeth.
  5. Sealants only last a few years and may need to be repaired or replaced periodically.

This cost-effective, simple step may help your child enter adulthood with fewer fillings.

A male patient lying in a dental chair wearing dental glasses and a dental bib during a procedure
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