Porcelain Veneers

Dramatically transform your smile!

The Veneers Affect

A young female with long blonde hair and a sparkling smile

Sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”, veneers can dramatically transform your smile. A set of veneers can correct chips, stains, and even deeply discolored teeth. They can also alter the length and size of teeth or help give the appearance of a straight tooth.

Veneers are paper-thin pieces of porcelain bond to the outside of your natural teeth. They are the ultimate combination of dental art and science, handcrafted and customized to fit your smile.

Also, they provide a conservative approach to esthetic smile makeovers because of their high versatility when replicating all the complex nuances of a natural tooth.

A young female with long blonde hair and a sparkling smile
Good Planning Paves the Way
A patient showing her teeth while choosing the teeth that fits the color of her teeth

There’s a lot of diagnostic work and careful planning that goes into a treatment plan that includes veneers. Models, photographs, and digital x-rays allow you and Dr. Caldwell to create a perfect blueprint to guide your treatment from start to finish.

Dr. Caldwell will always consider your input and incorporate your desires into your veneer procedure, from color to shape and everything in between.

The Next Steps

Team member choosing the perfect color that fits the patient’s teeth color

Once Dr. Caldwell creates your treatment plan, it will take around two appointments before you leave with a stunning new smile. At the first visit, your teeth will be gently prepared to allow space for the ultra-thin porcelain to be crafted by a master lab technician.

Dr. Caldwell will then create temporary restorations that mimic the veneers, which you’ll wear for up to three weeks. These temporaries provide a preview of your new smile and let you try it out to see if any further changes are needed.

Delivering the Magic
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Once your veneers have been crafted to Dr. Caldwell’s specific instructions, you’ll return for a second appointment. He will try in each veneer and evaluate their appearance and fit. He will go through several steps to precisely bond the thin veneers to the surface of your teeth.

Minor adjustments to your bite and a final polish will leave you with a smile that may have you wondering why you waited so long to find your Renton, WA dentist.

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